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There is no cost to open an account and enter projects. Once your account has been approved by an administrator, this allows you to sign up projects, enter project Basic Information and complete the Pre-Design stage, which allows you to select all the criteria that are applicable and relevant to your project, estimate your potential score, and prepare Environmental Intent specs.

You may then purchase a Green Globes assessment for the Concept Design and Construction Documents stages at any time. For this, you will need to register your project. Any building information that you have already entered will automatically transfer to your paid online evaluation. The charge for the full online assessment of a project is $1,500 Canadian, plus applicable taxes. You will be invoiced for this at the time that you register a project.

To certify a project, submit your Construction Documents survey for verification, using the 'Submit Survey for Verifier Review' button on the Survey Completion page. There will be a further charge for verification and certification, for which you will be invoiced at that time. This will vary depending upon the size of your project - click here for details.

Please choose a Login ID and Password to create a Green Globes account. Logins and passwords must be 4 characters or more, and not more than 20 characters. Please save these in a safe place, since without your Green Globes Login ID and Password you will not be able to access any project information you have entered. If you already have a Login ID, please login now.

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