ANNOUNCEMENT: The Green Globes platform is getting revamped and more updates will be rolling out in the coming months. To review the current updates, click here.

NOTICE: Green Globes Version 3 was released on July 1, 2020. All new projects must be created on Version 3. If you would like to access an existing project that was created on Version 2, please click here.

Account Creation

Creating an account is free and allows you to add projects and access a trial version of the Green Globes questionnaire for 30 days. The trial version does not contain scoring information.

Project Registration

At any time, you may register your project for a flat fee of $2000 CAD to gain full access to the questionnaire, including scoring. Registration will also allow you to submit your project for Assessor Review.

Third-Party Verification

If you would like to pursue formal certification of your project, there are additional fees to have your project reviewed by a third-party assessor. You can find the pricing here. Simply click the "Submit for Assessor Review" button from the questionnaire, and we will issue you an invoice for the verification services. When payment has been received, the assigned Green Globes Assessor will begin the verification process.

Green Globes for New Construction certification requires two assessments. The preliminary assessment is a review of the project design, during which the assessor will verify as many of the questionnaire responses as possible using the project construction documents. The final assessment is either a virtual site visit or in-person site visit (depending on building size), during which the assessor will conduct a post-construction interview with the project team and a walkthrough of the building.