Why Green Globes is Better

Built for firms of all sizes

The Green Globes online assessment system puts high performance building design within reach of firms of all sizes. It's simpler, more practical and affordable, and easy to start using.

Immediate access to information you can act on

No more waiting until the end of a design before assessing its performance. With Green Globes you can immediately see the impact of your design decisions on your point score, and use this feedback to make critical improvements.

Why Green Globes is better

From interactive assessment to automated reporting – Green Globes uses a streamlined on-line approach
The Green Globes system uses an online questionnaire-based approach. Once the questionnaire has been completed, a report is automatically generated, which provides ratings, a list of achievements as well as recommendations. No need for binders or templates.

Designed for use on building projects of any size, the Green Globes system is suitable for large and small buildings including offices, multi-family structures and institutional buildings such as schools, universities and libraries.

Applies to new and existing buildings.
From new construction, to fit-ups, retrofits and management and operations of existing buildings - the Green Globes suite of tools can help ensure that environmental goals are achieved continuously throughout a building’s life.

Portfolio management
Owners and developers with multiple properties can use the Green Globes system to assess and compare the buildings in their portfolio.

Report updates made easy
Online inputs can be changed for up to a year with an option to extend. This keeps the assessment up-to-date as the building parameters change through the project delivery stages.

Data that you provide online is confidential and is accessible to you and you alone. Verified data may be collected anonymously and used for statistical and benchmarking purposes, but no information that could identify your building or company is collected or used for this analysis.

Supports Integrated Design
Green Globes facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration from the earliest stages of a project onward, and introduces the elements of sustainability in a logical sequence from goal setting to construction documents and building operations

Third-party Verification and Certification
Certification is achieved by undergoing third-party verification by trained regional verifiers